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In a world where electric and disposable razors abound, many men have never experienced the type of close shave that you can only get from straight razor shaves. If you have ever watched an old western, each little town had its own barber that offered straight razor shaves and hot towel shaves. Today, many barbers do not offer this service, mainly because it is an art that takes a lot of skill to perform.

Even when men go to the barber, many do not take the time to sit down for an old-fashioned straight razor shave. We think that it is a shame that so many men have never experienced a professional barber shave. That is why Another Level Barber Shop offers complete barber shaves, including straight razor shaves and hot towel shaves.

The thing that makes these types of barber shaves different from an electric razor is the relaxing treatment that is involved when you let a professional barber go to work. You will lie back in a reclining chair while your barber applies conditioner and a hot towel to soften the hair and to relax you. Then, a hot concoction of custom shaving cream is applied.

There is no vibration from a noisy electric motor. Your barber takes his time and slowly slides the razor down your chin with precision until your face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The experience is completely relaxing. You may even find yourself dozing off while you are in the chair.

We are the only barber shop in Salt Lake City, UT with a professional barber that has years of experience in giving top-notch straight razor shaves. The difference that you will feel when you touch your face after a professional barber shave is incredible! Finish your shave with an aromatic aftershave, and you will leave feeling like the sexiest man alive!

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